Christmas in July 2019

Although Jum Designs is all about vibrant custom bags, every year we release a range of custom Christmas stockings and gift bags. From beautiful Christmas prints to bright shweshwe Christmas stockings, we do it all. Traditionally, this range is released in July. And...

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To all the dads who defy the stereotype

Somehow, days like Mother's Day and Father's Day seem to trigger my reflective side. (You might have noticed this in last month's post on juggling motherhood and business.) Possibly because there are still so many debates about the relative roles of women and men. You...

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On starting a business with a baby at home.

For those who don't know, Jum Designs is named after my 3-year-old son Julian, whose nickname is Jum. My business is just over two years old. So yes, your maths is (hopefully) correct: Jum was just 11 months old when I launched my business. It was - and remains - my...

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Choosing the best fabric for your custom bag

One of the things that sets Jum Designs apart is our dedication to individual custom bags. When you buy a bag from our online store, you are essentially ordering a custom bag that is handmade to your preferences. We have lots of bag designs for men, women and kiddies,...

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Well, we somehow made it this far

Happy birthday to us! Friday marked exactly two years of my mum and I being in business. Talk about time for bubbly! As anyone knows, it's important to have a solid, well thought out business plan in place before launching a business. This was ours: "Let's make some...

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Love yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Is it just me, or is everything looking a little red today? As much as I appreciate the idea of celebrating love, the sentimental cards and overpriced roses make Valentine's Day ridiculously commercial. And we lose sight of the fact that love is indeed something that...

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Why a Jum Designs blog?

What's the point of the Jum Designs blog? Now that is a legit question. And, to be fair, one that I've posed to myself on more than one occasion. The answer has always come in the form of another question:   How can the Jum Designs blog benefit you, the customer?...

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