Happy birthday to us! Friday marked exactly two years of my mum and I being in business. Talk about time for bubbly!

As anyone knows, it’s important to have a solid, well thought out business plan in place before launching a business. This was ours: “Let’s make some bags and see if we can sell them. If we can’t sell them, we’ll give them to our friends.”

Seriously. That was it.

We bought some fabric, opened a business banking account, and designed a logo. Between the two of us, we had zero experience in business. Or marketing. Or finance. My son Julian (aka Jum) was eleven months old at the time. And yet, even being acutely aware of all of this, my mum and I were confident that we would make Jum Designs work.

Somehow, that confidence coupled with our creativity proved to be all we needed to start. We made some bags; we sold some bags. (And no, our friends didn’t get freebies. Sorry guys.) And two years later that’s still what we do: we make and sell bags. But Jum Designs has grown and evolved a great deal since we started.

Did we make mistakes? Lots. Some of them make me cringe. But mistakes are part of life. Mistakes are part of the process that led us to where we are today. We have lots of mistakes and moments of triumph to look forward to.

We are still a small family business, but we are growing. (Fortunately, so is our business knowledge!) Our love for South Africa is reflected in the shweshwe bags for which we have become known. There is great potential in our country, and we can all contribute in our own small ways. We trained our domestic helper to sew, and now employ her as a part-time seamstress. These are humble beginnings, but you need to start somewhere.

You just need to start.

Now, we actually have a plan in place. We have a vision for Jum Designs as a platform for positive change (but more about that another time).

Jum Designs is still fuelled by creativity. Our confidence is now firmly underpinned by the support of our loyal customers, and a network of phenomenal female entrepreneurs.

So our second birthday celebrations are really about celebrating and thanking all of you for your support.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you, from all of us,

Emma and the JumD team




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