Is it just me, or is everything looking a little red today? As much as I appreciate the idea of celebrating love, the sentimental cards and overpriced roses make Valentine’s Day ridiculously commercial. And we lose sight of the fact that love is indeed something that should be celebrated.

But I also feel that we need to make a place for some self-love. Self-care is something we all need to prioritise. It’s not selfish; it’s necessary. Self-care means different things to different people.

For me, that means trying to get back into the habit of gym and yoga. Jum starting school, and Thembi working as a seamstress for more days per week, has meant a whole lot of re-organisation and adjustment in our household. Somehow, my gym routine has gone out the window, and that needs to change. And what better way to get back into gym than with a new gym bag? Whoop whoop!

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I love a bag that is pretty, practical, and versatile. This bag is perfect for an overnight bag, or a weekend away. Hmmm… maybe I need to chat to the hubster about a weekend away with Jum. Because spending quality family time with our little guy is another important way we celebrate love. Or maybe a girls’ weekend away is in order… *wink*

This design has all the features that I love in a gym/weekender bag:

  • a stylish bowling bag shape
  • many options of oh-so-pretty fabric
  • an exterior pocket for my gym card
  • sturdy shoulder straps
  • heavy duty zips
  • LOTS of space for errrrrrrrything a girl needs to pack. Because when the cold weather hits, I need to be able to pack a pair of winter boots in there.

Speaking of a girls’ weekend away… in case you were wondering, that pic is me practicing yoga. It was sneakily taken while I was on Ashley Knight’s phenomenal Eat.Sleep.Boss.Retreat for female entrepreneurs. If you’re a woman biz owner, you definitely need to join her online Hello Boss Community. It’s amaze. And now I have the perfect bag for her next retreat. Ha!


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