What’s the point of the Jum Designs blog? Now that is a legit question. And, to be fair, one that I’ve posed to myself on more than one occasion. The answer has always come in the form of another question:


How can the Jum Designs blog benefit you, the customer?

That is essentially the purpose behind this blog. Of course, I love sharing news about the developments happening with our brand. And I know that lots of you love following Thembi’s progress as she benefits from skills development. But I want our blog to be more than that. So here’s what you can expect…

Whilst we follow our own creative whims in the studio, I’ll be sharing all the latest trends for all you die hard handbag fans. (There are some seriously quirky trends coming up in 2019!) Part of that is also sharing some tips and tricks when buying handbags. Yes, there are a few considerations before you swipe that plastic!


What about specials and promo discounts?

Most months we will offer a fabulous special or discount of one kind or another. How do you get your hands on that all-important coupon code for our online store? It’ll be in the monthly JumD mail, so make sure you check your junk folder if you don’t see us popping up in your inbox. Haven’t signed up for JumD mail? No prob, just do so here, and you get a freebie with your first purchase. No spam, we promise! Believe me, you’ll want to be in line to receive our March birthday special!

Once you sign up for JumD mail, you’ll also be the first to know about new products (including introductory specials) as well as new features. Our latest website feature allows you to send a hint. You can pick what you’d like to receive as a gift, then we’ll email a hint to the person of your choosing. If you send a hint before the end of January, you just might get a beautiful bag of your choosing for Valentine’s Day. How cool is that?!

As always, we LOVE hearing from you. So if there’s something you’d like to see added to our product range, be sure to drop us a message!


Bags of love,

Emma and the Jum Designs team

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