Just what exactly is in that nappy bag?!?!

I honestly thought that I was going to pull a muscle. Seriously. I had to hoist my son’s nappy bag onto my shoulder. It felt like I was lugging around a bag of stones.

My nappy bag weighed a ton!

I sorted through the contents. It was like a well-thumbed copy of Nappy Bags for D- Mummies:

  • A wet bag containing cloth nappies, organic wetwipes, organic bum cream, tissues, and a changing mat. And a few disposable nappies and plastic nappy bags ‘just in case’.
  • a spare tracksuit ‘just in case’
  • organic sunscreen ‘just in case’
  • a few toys that fall under the doesn’t-matter-if-he-loses-them category ‘just in case’
  • a dummy
  • a container of peanut butter ‘just in case’ he wouldn’t take the dummy for his nap
  • water, tea, and snacks
  • two small towels ‘just in case’
  • Two entire pockets that I had completely forgotten about, containing more tissues, more wetwipes, more snacks, snacks for me, a never-used dummy sterilizer spray, a plastic spoon, and a homeopathic remedy for stings.
  • a painted rock

There was literally a rock in my nappy bag.

As a first time mum I had enthusiastically enrolled my unsuspecting child in a weekly mom and kiddie class. You know, the kind where toddlers paint rocks. There was literally a rock in one of the forgotten pockets in the nappy bag. It was a rocking combination (see what I did there?) of red and blue paint, silver glitter, and googly eyes. After removing said item, I thought my shoulder was out of danger. I was wrong.

My nappy bag was going to send me to physio

Having a wonky spine (also known as scoliosis) means that I have long been aware of the issues that arise from wearing a heavy bag over one shoulder. Of course, this was revealed to me at the precise moment when it was super cool to sling your school bag over one shoulder. In fact, when I went to high school we had regulation bags and they didn’t even bother to make a backpack. Because everyone (except wonky me) wore bags over one shoulder. But I digress…

I had been given a backpack style nappy bag. But I’m also into babywearing, and my son prefers to be worn on my back. And I hate having to constantly switch between nappy bags. Funnily enough, the answer came in the form of a client’s request: a convertible nappy bag.

Why hadn’t I thought of a convertible nappy bag?!

Never mind. The concept may not be mine, but our design is. I just need to keep mine free of rocks.

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